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"It was a Very Great Flash, emotional, and Epic."

I have one Complaint, you aren't The Creator of This Flash.

This Flash was Created by: Hislordship

His name should be Added on This list, he was The one who Came up, and created the Wilderness Gaurdians. The Art, and script was made by Hislordship though your name Stands upon this Flash.

I believe you Stole this flash for your Own, I suggest you give Credit to Hislordship, and put his name on This List...

Other than that I really liked the Story, it had some good emotion in There. The Graphics were Great, the Movie was quite Mature, and it was if it Were an Intro to a Movie.

I give some credit for the Buttons for Interactivity.

I took style down by 5 Points since Runescape wasn;'t based off Wars of evil Clans killing Helpless people in Villages, and the Fact that there was some Gore Involved in the Battle scene. I guess that was put in to Spice up the Story, and make it More Enjoyable! It worked well though!

I would say this Doesn't have any Humor at all, it was Actually Epic, and Sad. A well Done Flash!

I Hope to see a Series of This, the Story of The Wilderness Gaurdians isn't over yet...

VelvetDarkRocks responds:

I am His Lordship.
This is my Newgrounds account.
On Runescape, my username is His Lordship.

"That's some Funny Crap!"

Actually it's not Crap, that Was Fucking awsome! A Swearing Cat, and Mother that Doesn't seem to Respond to Chrono's Insults!?!? I Hope your Entire Unglued Series becomes a Part of the NewGrounds Series! Time to Check out the Other Episodes! Rated 5!

"so funny!"

man dude, that was hell of a funny cartoon i luaghed and enjoyed it! nothing much i can say! and merry xmas :p

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It's a Game, you Managed to Give Instruction on How to Play it, you Had a Character Selection, and their Was Music, but it wasn't right...

It was Basically the Loop of The Sme Mountain, once you've Reached the Finish Line the Reward was a Link to your Website. This is pretty much utterly Crap, I Rated it a 1, and you Get 3 Stars. At least you Made a Game! Most people such as Myself don't know Crap about Flash!

"pretty neat game"

i find it at your age interesting at how great graphics you can make. keep up the good work. it wasn't neither fun or boring but i played it for the hell of it. great job with the menu and shit awsome =). and also check out my audio you might like em.

"here's my thought"

the rpg system that you have used on here is very poor quality but i can tell it's also a very good system for most rpg creating games are for personal use only and you can't submit them but this one must has some kind of commercial use too? there wasn't really any or good sounds on this game the game graphics were classical, it seemed only the main character had the good graphical looks. the battle scene.....well....you can't heal.....but you can actually see the 2 opponents fighting eachother by reaching to eachother. (wasn't to interesting about the battle though) and yes there was good intereactivity but whyen you walm around it's like he lags by pausing every step. it's a little funny when that slimeball attacks. my overall review= i liked how classic it was but it was incomplete and all you could do was kill and walk. i can'y say you suck cause anyone who knows how to usae flash and rpg has natural talent. good game but not a real good game.

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"Nice Job, it's Fantastic!"

Very Realistic sounding Instruments! Pretty Good menu Music, but it doesn't Loop as The Original does! This is a Pretty Nice Smash Bros. Tune to Listen to, but in My Opinion Music I wouldn't use it For the Super Smash Melee Music, because it's Lacking Epicness, and the Power of The Song isn't weak. What you did Was Beautify it, and That's a Compliment! Great Job!

"Damnit...This beats My Ability!"

Damn You! Your just a Teenager just Like me! And these Tracks are 20% Better than Mine! Seriously I'm in LOve with Chrono Trigger. One of the Best Rpg's out There. I really love How you Played that Piano, it's so Beautiful, though in Some Parts I think you were Playing the Notes a Bit to Harshly. The Stereo is Fine, I actually Like it! Fantastic Job Klace!

"Holy Shit!"

Damn, the Sound is Crystal Clear, you Have a Great Sterio System don't you? The Woodwind that was Leading on the Song is Beautiful, is That a Clarinet? It has a Pretty nice Emotional setting into it, I just love it! This is surely Going to be Used in my NaguraOnline Project, if you Want to Learn more about it. Private Message me, and I'll send you a Beta Version of NaguraOnline to you. See Ya!

Rpg Making is my Current Occupation right now, I've been Working on my Final Destiny Project Recently just to Warm-Up for the Future. Turns out I'm coming Back to NewGrounds! Woot! ^_^ (June/13/2007) Also check out My Music!

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