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"Nice Job, it's Fantastic!"

Very Realistic sounding Instruments! Pretty Good menu Music, but it doesn't Loop as The Original does! This is a Pretty Nice Smash Bros. Tune to Listen to, but in My Opinion Music I wouldn't use it For the Super Smash Melee Music, because it's Lacking Epicness, and the Power of The Song isn't weak. What you did Was Beautify it, and That's a Compliment! Great Job!

"Damnit...This beats My Ability!"

Damn You! Your just a Teenager just Like me! And these Tracks are 20% Better than Mine! Seriously I'm in LOve with Chrono Trigger. One of the Best Rpg's out There. I really love How you Played that Piano, it's so Beautiful, though in Some Parts I think you were Playing the Notes a Bit to Harshly. The Stereo is Fine, I actually Like it! Fantastic Job Klace!

"Holy Shit!"

Damn, the Sound is Crystal Clear, you Have a Great Sterio System don't you? The Woodwind that was Leading on the Song is Beautiful, is That a Clarinet? It has a Pretty nice Emotional setting into it, I just love it! This is surely Going to be Used in my NaguraOnline Project, if you Want to Learn more about it. Private Message me, and I'll send you a Beta Version of NaguraOnline to you. See Ya!


This song Needs a Bit more Power, The Strings are in the Right place Backing up the Main Instruments from Behind, nice Percussion! Well...I guess I could say I liked it.

Chronamut responds:

ya its rather bland isnt it..


"Make me Dance Baby!"

Listening to This song makes me Imagine of a Place called (Chocobo Island) really! It's very neat for Ripped-Up Song! Although I Prefer it Un-Ripped......Nice Job here!

Chronamut responds:

haha this song is soo immature of me XD

thanks for the review!



This is Obviously a Great 16-Bit song right Here! After all it's got all Them classical Sounding Rpg Instruments! A Nice Chaotic piece, I love it! I still see Crusher13 is Hanging on with me, how Much Further will he go?

Chronamut responds:

he goes to page 2 I believe :P

I REALLY need to redo this song.. its hard tho - there are a lotta tempo variations in this song.. so I gotta wait till i can get cubase to work on vista.. and then use that to control tempo in reason..

thanks for the review!


"Better than The Other Versions."

This song has Found it's Element in The "High" Version, but are You sure this is From Legend of Dragoon? Never quite heard of a Song so Rap like in The Game when I played it. It's still quite Scratchy, which Really Disturbs me.

Chronamut responds:

yes - its the wingly song that plays - of course it is mixed up QUITE a lot - they play it in the cities where the winglies actually dwell.. like in their forest home and in their home in the desert :P

and ya it is scratchy - i think that is levels interfering with each other :P

thanks for the review!



Well it's SHIT to me, Grungy, and Hardcore is just.......Damn Emo's!!! Nothing really Specail about this song really.....Let's see How far Crusher13 will be Reviewing with me Lol.

Chronamut responds:

crap indeed. :P

"Meh way Better, but....Haunting?"

Your Deep Male Choir is Scaring the Shit out of me Right now.....I didn't quite think Having such a Choir like that Was Necassery! The Woodwind's much Better than The Original Version, and Much more Tribalish/Jungly! Congratz, i'm just Sad I can't really Laugh at your Face anymore...(Chronamut Said: Thanks for the Review...You Bastard!) Unless there will be More? Good Job with this, off to The Next Review!

Chronamut responds:

m'eh who knows :P

I like the evil choir hehe :P

thanks for the review!


"Now this is....Decent!"

Sounds Cheesy in my Ears, still Good. It's got that RPG Feeling in it! Though I thought the Woodwinds could be Better than what They were? If it's got to do With Crappy Fl Studio's 3 don't Mention the Woodwinds then! You've finnaly began to Play the Correct Notes well. This is quite Improvement!

Chronamut responds:

yaaa.. its kinda hard to fuck up this song.. and ya.. i think i started using fl studio 4 about this time..

thabnks for the review!


Rpg Making is my Current Occupation right now, I've been Working on my Final Destiny Project Recently just to Warm-Up for the Future. Turns out I'm coming Back to NewGrounds! Woot! ^_^ (June/13/2007) Also check out My Music!

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